Can You Time Investing In The Stock Market?

Image of Salvador Dali Clock painting with Lockstep Investing Logo and the words "Can you time the market": Represents an article about if it is possible to time your investments into the market by looking at how your investment would if you invested it at the beginning of any month for a total of 10 years going back to 1988

We received a question from a community member regarding the recent stock market rally and the noise surrounding a possible tech bubble. Specifically, the member wants to know if now is the time to continue adding monthly to the stock market or if it’s better to hold cash and wait. In other words, should one […]

Understand the Business You Are Investing In

Picture of a man pouring a cup of coffee PLUS Lockstep Investing Logo and the wording "HOW Many cups of coffee". The image is for an article about understanding the business you are investing in.

When I was a kid, my father and I had this little ritual when we visited a coffee shop. It was like our own personal game. He’d catch me while I was sipping a coke and casually drop the question, “How many cups of coffee do you think this place needs to sell daily to […]

How To Value A Rental Property

In this article we discuss how to value a property intended to generate rental income. Using a very simple example, we intro how to go about thinking of return on investment (ROI) if you are considering investing in property. This article is for educational purposed only.   Return of a Rental Property vs Primary Residence […]

Focus on Value Not Price

In this article, we discuss the pitfalls of focusing on price when investing. Instead, we argue that we should focus on the value of an asset, not its price.   Price Tells Your Very Little If you peruse the current financial news (January 2024), you’ll likely encounter headlines proclaiming, ‘S&P 500 closes at new record […]

The Importance of Long Term Investing

Lesson 4: The Importance of Long Term Investing   In last Thursday’s newsletter, we discussed the importance of compounding and why it is essential to invest in compounding assets if you want to create wealth. Today, we discuss another essential principle often overlooked, especially because of our need for instant gratification: Invest for the long […]

Compound Interest: Your Key To Success

Lesson 3: The Importance of Compounding   Most of you are familiar with the concept of compound interest, but it is worth repeating because of its importance. There are two main ways to grow your wealth; In a linear, straight-line by earning simple interest or, In a geometric fashion known as compounding. Let us assume […]

What Is Investing?

Lesson 2: What is Investing   People often liken investing to gambling. While investing and gambling certainly have similarities in that an element of risk is involved due to our inability to predict the future, investing is no more a gamble than starting a business, accepting a new job, or choosing a partner. In all […]

How to Create Wealth

Lesson 1: How to create wealth   If you want to increase your wealth to improve your quality of life, the logical place to start is “How do you create wealth?” It turns out that creating wealth is quite simple; Spend less money than you bring in. Invest the excess you are not spending. Let […]

When To Sell Shares?

We conducted our inaugural webinar for Portfolio Members yesterday, featuring engaging discussions on various topics. One notable question from a member focused on when to sell shares in a stock. You’ll be surprised how common a problem this is among investors. We therefore wanted to share our insights.   At Lockstep, we sell shares for […]

Be Careful Investing In Trends

In this post, we explore how investing in Electric Vehicle (EV) companies just because EVs are trending doesn’t guarantee success. It is far better to understand how a company makes its revenue and the economics of that business rather than because everyone else thinks it is a good idea: EV manufacturer Rivian’s (RIVN) share price […]

Investing Principles to Increase Success

This post briefly touches on a few of Lockstep’s core investing principles. Sticking to investing principles increases the rate of success and lowers the risk of being forced to sell: During this turbulent market, our primary objective is to safeguard the money we invest. While we certainly have the option to wait until conditions improve, […]

Lessons in Investing: Speculating vs. Investing

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed the rise of short-term options trading among retail (individual) investors, revealing that most retail traders tend to experience financial losses. This phenomenon underscores the crucial distinction between speculation and investing. Speculation Speculation is, in essence, gambling, where the odds of winning are stacked against you despite the belief […]

The Ultimate Guide to Investing Offshore for South Africans.

An Image of Wall Street street sign, a symbol for South Africans to investing offshore and in the US

  If you’re a South African wanting to know about investing offshore or in US-listed companies, this blog post is for you. Investing in foreign markets can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially increase your returns. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of the opportunities available […]

The Insanity of the Stock Market

(As published on Biznews) As soon as people hear what I do for a profession, the common line of questioning goes something like this; “Given what you do, is now a good time to buy?” “Is now a good time to sell?” “Given all that is going on in the world, should I be in […]

How to invest

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmanm