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Creating Wealth. Together.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Our effort. Your returns.

With a focus on US-listed shares, we are value investors at heart looking to buy high-quality businesses for the long term.

Our Services

Core to our Investment Philosophy

Serious business.

Our evidence-based methodology tests and retests the hypothesis behind each of our investments.

We’re all about smart, long-term wins; not risky, short-term uncertainty.

Skin in the game.

Investing alongside our members means our risks are aligned. After thorough research, we invest our own money into a portfolio of under-valued, listed businesses to grow our own wealth. Then we share this portfolio and our insights so you can grow yours.

What gets us excited?

Lesser-known businesses with years of operating profit, proven business models, unlockable value, and a strong management team who believe enough to have their own skin in the game, too.

We keep it simple.

While behind the scenes the research is immense, our process is designed to keep the effort on your end to a minimum allowing you to make your own investments, simply with the comfort of knowing we are always investing alongside you.

“Whether you are new to the stock market and investing or have been managing your own money for years, we are confident we can help you make better, more informed investment decisions.”

how it works

What Your Membership Includes

As a member, you get access to our web-based application with the following functionality

1 Customisable Portfolio

  • Create your own portfolio of stocks with real-time prices*
  • Performance tracker: See how each stock and your portfolio are performing
  • Auto-sync your portfolio to ours so you are always in Lockstep with us
  • Personalized Action Plan: Use our automated action plan or simply buy what appeals to you most.

2 Access To Our Fund

You receive access to our real-time portfolio, giving you insights into:

  • The businesses we’re invested in.
  • The average price we paid per investment.
  • Real-time pricing.
  • Auto-sync functionality so you can always be in Lockstep with us.

3Real-time Notifications

Core to our service is keeping you up to date with any changes to our portfolio and relevant news flow.


When our portfolio changes, before we act, we’ll notify you:

  • What stock we’re buying/selling.
  • The maximum (minimum) price we’re willing to pay (sell for)
  • The reason for our action.

Company News

If a company we invest in releases information or if there’s news relevant to them, we notify you:

  • What stock is impacted by the news.
  • Summary of the news.
  • Our interpretation of the news and how it impacts the company.
  • If any action is required - this will be followed immediately by an Action notification

Economic & Macro News

When important macro/economic news is released:

  • Summary of the news.
  • What stock is impacted by the news.
  • Our interpretation of the news and how it impacts the company/companies involved.
  • If any action is required - this will be followed immediately by an Action Notification.
NB: We’re not macro-investors therefore these emails will be few and far between.


we have you covered

Personalised Assistance

If at any time during your investment journey you are feeling lost or overwhelmed. Or if you simply have a question, our members have direct access to us via our chat service.

If it is within our capabilities, we are here to help.

“We know you are busy following your passions. Investing is ours, so let us do the hard work for you.”


Membership Options

Value Fund

A more diversified portfolio of US listed companies. Recommended for people who want more diversity and less volatility in short-term performance.
$ 24
    (no credit card required)
  • Portfolio of 20-30 US listed stocks
  • Portfolio Access via Website
  • Real-time notifications including Actions
  • Comprehensive setup assistance
  • Portfolio Optimiser
  • Compatible with SHYFT app

Premium Fund

A more concentrated portfolio of the BEST investments we can find, and therefore has a higher expected return,
over the long-term
$ 99 Monthly
  • Pricing Space
  • Portfolio of 10-15 listed businesses
  • Portfolio Access via Website
  • Real-time notifications - Actions & New flows
  • Comprehensive setup assistance
  • Portfolio Optimiser
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Frequently Asked Questions

Lockstep is for anyone interested in growing their wealth but doesn’t have the experience and/or time needed to invest successfully.

We know we can add value to your investment decisions, but we also know we need to earn your trust. That is why we offer the first month’s subscription for FREE.

By signing up, you receive full access to our portfolio and all communication. 

You always remain in control and only need act when ready.  Memberships can be cancelled at anytime

Not at all! The process is simple and not something to be intimidated by. We can guide you through this process all the way up to purchasing your first share.

If nothing else, we can widen your net for potential investment ideas. We spend significant time looking for the best investments. When we find them, we spend countless hours researching each company, analysing financial statements, understanding the market dynamics, talking to management (where we can), etc.

We are value investors at heart and believe that wealth is built over the long-term through patient, thoughtful investing. While we do not strive for a set monthly or annual return, and would never guarantee one, we do expect to beat the market over the long term.
No. We are not money managers nor are we financial advisors. We manage a portfolio funded with our own capital. As a member you have access to this portfolio, helping you make better investment decisions.
Never! Your investment account is with an independent broker of your choosing, in your name, and under your control.
Memberships are invoiced monthly. You can cancel your membership at any time.