"At Lockstep, our goal is to help you grow your wealth over the long-term. We built our platform to help you invest for yourself with ease and confidence."

Meet Paul

Paul has been involved in the financial markets since 2006, beginning his career as an equity trader in New York. Following this, he worked in Prime Broking at Investec, a highly reputable South African investment bank, where he was responsible for the day-to-day back-end operations of some of South Africa’s top hedge funds. During this time he formed a relationship with value investing firm, Steyn Capital Management, where he spent over nine years working his way to the senior analyst of their award-winning Africa fund.

Since February 2022, Paul has been managing his own money. His entire portfolio is accessible to you through Lockstep.

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Our values

Lockstep Principles

By investing alongside our clients our goals are aligned.

This results in the natural creation of trust.

Our approach is grounded in logic and probability, which are fundamental to our investment strategy.

We leverage automation to minimize the impact of human error

We follow a set of internally created investment principles that increase the likelihood of success.

Compounding wealth is a gradual process that demands patience.

By investing alongside our clients our goals are aligned.

This results in the natural creation of trust.

Logic and probability are at the core of what we do.

Both are automated as much as possible, reducing the impact of human error.

We adhere to a set of internally created investment principles.

Our investment success increases as a result.

It takes time to compound wealth.

After doing the research, applying our minds and testing our hypotheses the final step is to be patient and let our investments work for us.

Our Services

Core to our Investment Philosophy

Serious business.

Our evidence-based methodology tests and retests the hypothesis behind each of our investments.

We’re all about smart, long-term wins; not risky, short-term uncertainty.

Skin in the game.

Investing alongside our members means our risks are aligned. After thorough research, we invest our own money into a portfolio of under-valued, listed businesses to grow our own wealth. Then we share this portfolio and our insights so you can grow yours.

What gets us excited?

Lesser-known businesses with years of operating profit, proven business models, unlockable value, and a strong management team who believe enough to have their own skin in the game, too.

We keep it simple.

While behind the scenes the research is immense, our process is designed to keep the effort on your end to a minimum allowing you to make your own investments, simply with the comfort of knowing we are always investing alongside you.

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