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As a member, you have exclusive access to our member area. We’re sure you can’t wait to get started but before you do please read the information below.

Membership Area

We have designed the Lockstep process to be as simple and intuitive as possible. When you first sign in to our application we will walk you through building your personalised portfolio. Please take the time to complete it so we can accurately track your performance over your investment journey. Please note that this is NOT a live portfolio it is purely to help you track your investments.

Your Portfolio

Here you can monitor each of your investments and how they are performing over time.

This portfolio is NOT a live portfolio, meaning you will need to update your portfolio manually within the application whenever you transact at your broker. Similarly, any changes to the portfolio within the application are for simulation purposes only and will not be executed at your broker.

Lockstep's Portfolio

This is the actual portfolio we are investing in.

Here you will be able to see each company we are invested in, plus our valuation indicator for each. You are welcome to copy this portfolio by syncing it to yours, or cherry-pick the companies that appeal to you most. Your portfolio’s action plan will update automatically depending on which investments you sync to


An integral part of our service is our communication with you helping you stay informed. You will receive three main types of notifications all via the App.

Action notifications: notifying you of any changes being made to the portfolio and why.

You will receive this notification BEFORE the fund takes action giving you time to act before we do

Company news: notifying you of important news specific to a business within the portfolio.

Economic news: notifying you of important economic news which might impact the entire portfolio or a specific investment

We are not Macro Investors and DO NOT try and time the market therefore expect these Economic notifications to be seldom.


When it comes to investing there is a significant amount of noise and irrelevant information out there which can lead to uncertainty and stress. Our service has been designed to filter out that noise and keep it simple for you.

While there is an immense amount of work going on behind the scenes analysing investments, optimising the portfolio, and monitoring the market, you should expect our communication to be kept to a minimum, providing only that which is necessary.

At any time you feel overwhelmed, need help, or have general investing questions feel free to reach out to us via the help service.

Investing successfully is difficult, we are here to help.

Final Thoughts Before Your Journey Begins

We are confident in our process and know that we can help you make better investment decisions.

Throughout the journey, we will walk alongside you, investing our own money as per the Lockstep Portfolio. We ask of you is to trust the process and be patient with your investments. Wealth takes years to build and we look forward to you being our long-term partner on our wealth-compounding journey.

If you feel lost or overwhelmed at any time, please reach out to us. Investing can be difficult and we are here to help.

Welcome to Lockstep Investing, and thank you for putting your confidence in us.


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