The Value Fund

Here’s a view of our portfolio as of the previous trading day’s closing prices.

You can either copy the fund in its entirety or cherry-pick the investments that excite you. Use the built-in Portfolio Optimiser to easily manage your investment and keep in Lockstep with ours, or the Valuation Indicator to select the most attractively valued ideas. You don’t need to update your portfolio daily, however it is recommended for new members or when your portfolio is not up to date.

How to use the Portfolio Optimiser.

Step 1. Enter the total amount investing.

Enter the total $ amount you plan to invest so the Portfolio Optimiser can create a bespoke plan based on your personal needs.

Step 2. Enter shares currently held and take action.

Enter the total number of shares currently held, if any, in each security. Then follow the recommended action.

How to use the Valuation Indicator.

The stronger the green indicator the more attractive the stock is relative to our fair value calculation.

The stronger the red indicator the less attractive the stock is relative to our fair value calculation.

Simply Invest in the stocks that interest you and are a strong Green and sell when the stocks are a strong RED.

We strongly recommend keeping to our portfolio weighting as the weighting incorporates an element of risk, i.e. a high risk investment is likely to have a lower weighting within the portfolio.

Please note:

The ISIN is a 12-digit alphanumeric code unique to each security/company. Please remember to check the ISIN before buying shares of any company, to ensure you’re buying the correct shares.